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midas CAD is free for everyone during the Early Access period. Download and enjoy all the features of midas CAD at no cost.
The pricing policy may change after Early Access is over. However, we promise to maintain
midas CAD affordable at lower cost to all Early Access users. See more about midas CAD

midas CAD Early Access Ver.
  • Drawing File Compatible
  • Information-Tag
  • User Line
  • Drawing Features
  • Total Management
  • User Drawing
  • Layer Manager
  • Auto-Scale
  • Quick REF
  • XREF
  • Plot (Single, Multi, PDF)
  • Axis/Level Grid
  • Extension Tool (Std)
  • Information-Table
  • MS Excel Sync
  • Match Draw
  • Extension Tool (Adv)
300 US$ per year FREE NOW!
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Early Access License is issued just once per person
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